We at Breas had been using mostly one supplier for plastic components. A couple of years ago we started to consider having a new supplier for those. We had a contact from Plastone but naturally had quite some thoughts how the co-operation would work with a company from a foreign country. We wanted our plastics supplier to help our engineering and give their experience to our use. With a local supplier situated close to us it was no problem to organize meetings but the situation would be totally different with someone abroad. The question was also if we could trust the sales speeches of experience, engineering support, delivery accuracy etc. The only thing we actually were certain of was that they had good references.
Luckily we took the chance with our new Vivo 45 product. The Finns are known as quite moderate with their sales promises and Plastone was not an exemption. They have kept all their promises and they have been able to give our engineering very valuable aid in the product design phase with a competitive price level from their Estonian factory. They have also been helping us with the project management by keeping track of the status of each component. I can warmly recommend Plastone as a supplier.

Michael Wallin
Sourcing Manager
Breas Medical AB, Sweden


Breas Medical develops and delivers respiratory medical devices worldwide. Our vision at Breas is to provide innovative solutions that enable people with chronic respiratory conditions to live life to the fullest. Breas will always aim to be known as an efficient, flexible and caring manufacturer, supplying products and services, which offer improved care and efficiencies to the customer. This position reflects a company with a clear business philosophy where commercial objectives and results are inextricably linked to the individual patient and their needs. www.breas.com

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