We are contracted to produce high quality plastic components by means of injection moulding. We also offer comprehensive additional related services, either ourselves or through our large network. Plastone mainly focuses on plastic products for the heath care sector and the electrical and electronics industry. Quality evaluation and continuous improvement of products are the central values in Plastone’s value chain. Through our direct, honest and fast way of conducting business, we want to provide added value to our customers and owners.

Haapsalun-tehdas Sauen-tehdas


Plastone’s presence as one of the leading injection moulding companies in Finland and Estonia is based on its vast experience and long trajectory since 1980. The new company had already experience in the field thanks to the decade of experience that its founding members already possessed when establishing it. Therefore the new operations were quickly started, and the first one-base mould was manufactured for the production of a DS medicine cup in dentistry. The use of a coin-mat mould led to the company’s creation of their own bathroom and entrance hall carpet products. In 1986 the production was moved to the company’s own new hall as the amount of machinery grew and technology developed. Soon the company started using CAD planning.

At the end of the decade the company’s ownership was changing, but in 1990, Plastone was again owned by its founding partners, while Tauno Lamminaho acted as CEO. As the mould demand was growing, Pastone also bought part of Arso-Työkaly Oy company. In 1995 the demands for production were met by expanding the company’s premises and through mergers and acquisitions and Markku Pihajamäki started as the new CEO. Carpet production was transferred to the former sister company Past-Turf Oy in 1996 and Pastone continued as contract manufacturer of plastic products in the Saxo Group.


Plastone’s knowhow centers on the personnel that has extensive experience in producing plastic products either in Plastone or while being part of some other injection moulding company. We actively develop our knowhow so that we can provide our customers with the best possible practices in the production of their products. We strive to be amongst the first in exploring new technologies and to utilize them to benefit our customers.

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